Online marketing advice and execution

Online marketing does not only mean the translation of offline marketing to an online one. With the attendance of the internet, marketing has a completely new meaning. Today we do not only talk about reaching the potential customers, but also about getting into personal contact with them. Online marketing creates a more personal communication with high and measureable efficiency in a cost effective manner. The aim of the communication is to raise confidence in the customer.

Marketing experts stand for different views, but they agree in one thing for sure: the key to a successful marketing is to get to know our clients as thoroughly as we are able to, to know our own weaknesses or strengths, and shape our strategy according to these facts. With our assistance, your time, energy and money can be spared for the constant development your business needs and for the achievement of your goals in a way that is not possible with the traditional forms of marketing.

Our online marketing advice helps you find your way in the maze of the internet market. In line with the development of the webpage, we get acquainted with our customers’ needs and activity, so we can provide exact information for them. They can ask questions any time, we are ready to answer them, with the best possible solution. Our customers can upload content individually and we help to reshape it to the tone of their webpage and for their target customers’ anticipations. We continuously monitor the visitor attendance on their web pages in order to collect relevant information and use it to offer practical advice about what direction is the best, what has to be changed and what has to be left behind.

SEO: People may think the search engine optimization is a mysterious thing. Actually, the search hits come from the relevance of keywords, the structure of the webpage and the number of cross-links. Our task is to match the search engines criteria with our clients’ needs in order to help them see our website clearly. At the same time, the operator has to create high quality and up-to-date content. If we fulfil the requirements from every possible aspect, the search robots will find their way more easily on our webpage, so they will index it faster. In this way, the page is placed to a more exclusive position on the search list.

SEO blueprint:

· Technical optimization – clean webpage

(Title, Meta, URL, Navigation, Sitemap, 404, h1-h6, etc.)

· Link marketing

(Relevant links, catalogue registrations, social marketing.)

· Copywriting – search engine optimized content upload

SMO (Social Media Optimization) A few years ago when internet marketing showed up, it focused on the paid advertisements, banners and search optimizations, which were the milestones of any company’s marketing strategy. This proved to be an effective model, but also had its huge drawbacks. It needed a continuous large amount of investment to pay for the banner places on a frequently visited site.

A further problem is that it cannot be guaranteed that your site will appear on the first page of the search list even when using the popular keywords. For example: to run up an insurance firm webpage on the keyword “insurance” – namely to make it appear on the first page of the search list – is a great challenge. It needs high quality content and in some cases years to achieve. This step is inevitable – the company who offers weeks or months to achieve this goal, uses tricks banned and punished by the grand search sites. Any webpage optimized this way easily ends up on a blacklist making more damage to the owner as if they have never spent a single cent on marketing. It happened to well-known firms as well: Google causing financial and prestige damage, due to illegal optimization methods, banned the German BMW webpage for years.

Nowadays in the age of social network sites, internet marketing, blogs and microblogs seem to be changing radically. These services involve more and more people and they are significantly building community and have cohesive function. Through Facebook, Twitter and other sites almost all internet users can be reached. Being online, shortening, sharing information, as well as ensuring reaction has become so important that it would be a mistake not to use them in modern marketing strategy.

If a webpage provides high quality content, the users will share it with each other through social network sites and blogs creating free advertisements for your webpage. As the content spreads on the internet it will not just result in direct visitors – we will gain hundreds of links pointing to our site. This is also appreciated by the searcher sites; Google will find the information more relevant and will place our site in an upper position on its hitlist.

Weblapbolt offers a complex media and search engine optimization for their customers. With our help you can simultaneously reach your visitors, help them to easily redistribute the content and manage the online appearance of your company. In line with this, you will also get a better position on searchers’ hitlists due to system created blog entries and messages from the news and articles uploaded to your site. This will be sent to popular social network sites. Beyond the fact that social network users are notified from firsthand about any new content on your webpage, each one of the entries contains a link that points back to your webpage. This way Google will find your page much sooner.