Support service

Through our services, we want to provide an effective assistance for our partners in order to make their internet venture fluent, fast and up-to-date. At the time of handing over our websites, we always provide actual and appropriate information for our clients to successfully operate a webpage. Even so, the lack of time, resources or information can lead to failing their goal. That is why we offer professional support, continuous availability and extra services.

The support service should be outsourced to a web professional to ensure that any uploaded content is easy to find for search engines and for the target users as well. In addition, it is more cost effective than keeping up one’s own employee for this task.
Services included in our support service are the following:
  • High quality content update
  • Articles, news written in a search engine optimized way
  • Maintaining social sites
  • Editing permanent graphical objects
  • Correcting, editing customer uploaded content
  • Etc.