Consulting and Strategic Planning

Our approach aims to exploit the business possibilities in the continuously developing digital technologies in a way that is the most suitable for our clients. Our experience and skills are the guarantee for the success of our web based systems and ideas. Our task is to survey our partners’ needs and to consider them in order to find the best solution for their launch on the internet.

We examine our customers’ expectations, carry out the necessary market analysis – this way we can describe our clients’ exact market situation – then we evaluate the collected information and compare them with the actual market trends. With the definition of the actual market situation, the economic environment and the needs of our partners, we are able to reach our goal: provide an exceptionally cost effective solution for our customers.

Naturally, our work does not stop at launching the webpage, web shop, or web application. With our complex services, we can monitor our customers’ advancement in order to help them to avoid pitfalls and to execute a cost effective marketing.

Appropriate planning, the concept that aims to achieve the competitive edge, unique implementation and effective, fluent operation are the key to a successful internet enterprise. The goal of our consultation is to push our partners’ annual marketing expense towards online marketing significantly. We do this in order to keep their market position improving opposed to their competitors.