Web application development

For the base of our web systems, we developed our own WB CMS (content managing system) that makes it simple to edit all the content of the web pages we created. Because of its simplicity, our customers can easily edit content on their web pages without external assistance. We keep developing our CMS continuously; we expand it considering our partners’ needs and make it unique. The result is an administration interface that is simple and easy to work with even for a person with no professional knowledge. It also has many functions, which make the editing as fast as possible.

Unique versus open source systems:

Before creating our CMS, it was clear to us that we do not want to create a mass product, as other developers do. We are aware of the fact that our goal and our clients’ unique needs can only be achieved without limits if we create a frame system that can easily be adjusted.


Our portfolio includes web pages, static and dynamic home pages, portals, design oriented pages.

We design our web pages to create a long-lasting impression in the visitors. Users can reach the desired information as soon as possible, and we emphasize to create a structure that helps to improve the placement in the popular search engines.

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Web shop:

Our web shop engine provides a complete solution for electronic sale procedure. It can be connected to any billing, stocking and any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It can also be adjusted to our clients’ unique needs.

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Web application:

All of our works count as web applications, but we have to stress the importance of a few unique developments that do not fit in the categories described above. The development of unique web, mobile and Facebook applications belongs here.

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