Our recent works

It is time to share some of our latest works. It has been a busy period with a couple of interesting and challenging projects; we hope we can continue delivering unique, quality websites in the future as well.


For the newest dental laboratory and CAD-CAM centre in Pécs, we developed a modern, responsive, portfolio site by which, beside the presentation of the products and services, users are allowed to fill the dental worksheet online, in case of online order.

By responsive technology, the site is displayed in different, optimized views in different devices. That is important, because in this case, it is not necessary to create a separate mobile site, but the content appears in the right size in the browsers.

Harley Street Dental Implant Centre

A landing page created for a reputable clinic located on the famous Harley Street in order to widen the marketing of the original site. Therefore, their featured deals are delivered to the British public through more than one channel.

Mecsek Portéka

Mecsek Portéka is a sub-regional trade mark in Pécs for local products. The trade mark aims to build local products and brands, facilitate businesses and improve the image of the region. It allows local people to meet local products and choose them consciously.

Users can check the origin if the product and their components.

Hubertus Hunting Lodge

South of Baranya County, near the country border Hubertus Hunting Lodge offers high quality accommodation in natural environment and hunting territory.

Webstar redesign

Webstar group’s services – thanks to their dynamic development – have become so diverse, that their website needed a new home page. That has been designed by us. We created a relatively simple, understandable graphic s and site build. The little animations make the flat design more interesting.

Innate Wisdom

We completed a new order from London by developing Jurgen Schmidt, German psychotherapist’s website, Innate Wisdom. The objective of the site is to present his activities and to provide contact information.

The organization of Hungarian paediatric cardiologists

Foundation for new-born patients

Both sites have simple internal architecture; their goal is to introduce their activities aesthetically.


The website of Dr. Lukács Dénes dentist and oral surgeon.

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